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Pleasanton's own Kristin Soares might be your first point of contact with our team, and believe us when we say you're in for a delightful start! With a Business Marketing degree from Long Beach State, Kristin brings a unique blend of organization, creativity, and deep understanding to her role as our Real Estate and Marketing Assistant.

Though she keenly followed home sales even when they were in newspapers, her journey to real estate took a scenic route through the vibrant corridors of Sports Media and Sports Marketing. Today, two years into the real estate realm, Kristin merges her passion for homes with her unwavering desire to help, ensuring our team runs like a well-oiled machine.

Being a licensed real estate agent adds another feather to her cap, allowing her a comprehensive view of the industry. Her approach? It's always been, "Let's navigate this together." Whether helping a client or supporting the team, Kristin prioritizes listening and understanding, crafting thoughtful and practical solutions.

Her mantra is simple and refreshing: Serve the individual, not just the task. This perspective makes her an invaluable asset in a constantly evolving market.

Outside the office, Kristin is a burst of energy. She's a fitness enthusiast, whether it's sweating it out at the gym or embracing the outdoors. An adoring doodle mom, traveler, and genuine lover of life, Kristin believes in making every moment count.

What does she cherish most about her local community? Its dynamic diversity. For Kristin, every day offers a new story and new learning, and she wouldn't have it any other way. Kristin ensures a seamless, personal, and delightful experience with our team.

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